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Each Akrat piece holds a special story full of deep emotions, overactive imagination and passion to end with a masterpiece never done before.

Through our tiny wearable pieces of art that have been created in a very high and fashionable way, you can have a great soul mate that able to keep your secrets and live each moment with you.

We are anxious to create each piece of jewelry with love by hands and real feelings.

Akrat sees the mystery and the depth of the eastern culture and takes it a step in artistic designs that are full of inspiration that adds new dimensions to our commitments and lives in a spiritual artistic way.

It is known that what has been created with love confers plenty of love… This is why we in Akrat focus on the importance of each piece’s creativity and originality which necessitates the work of the most skillful jewelers.

Each piece comes from the inspiration of the designer Enas Younis so every single piece has its own journey, sense as well as story. She is able to transform your feelings into jewelry that able to express the real you.

Each design is a dream that comes true. AND WE DARE TO DREAM .. CAUSE DREAMS HAS NO BORDERS

We invite you to have a look at our jewelry birth process combining traditional techniques like, soldering, welding, crafting, gem setting and modern techniques like CAD jewelry design


Sometimes, before she starts designing the pieces by using the computer,enas tends to paint some ornaments or ordinary shapes she got inspired of. Then she put some modifications and finishing touches to make it appears as an appropriate inspiring piece of jewelry. Achieving the final design with the best results she aims to, could be very easy in just some minutes, While at other times it really takes a great effort and long time to express what exactly goes through her mind.


3D designing technology is using a computer program made especially for jewelry designers to ease their work while designing their collections. This is done by its ability to let the designers check every side of the piece to find out whether there is any gap or flaw. This program also provides an advantage to print the design as a three-dimensional shape ready to turn into a perfect wax model, then it will be cast with gold and studded with astonishing gemstones. This kind of work needs a lot of creativity and patient tell having the perfect piece with the perfect dimensions.


In this stage, we tend to use specific printers in order to print the digital model which has done at the previous process and cast it with gold . Gold casting discovery made things easier that the Jewelry artisans have been pouring molten gold into molds shaped in stone and plaster. Since gold casting encompasses a wide range of karats and colors, the alloy combinations dictate that each has temperature cycles and processes that are unique to the metal. Finally, The cast gold model will be welded before adding the gemstone.


Each setting technique gives the jewelry a slightly different look — from the sleek and minimal to decorative, romantic, or modern. We tend to make the gemstone surrounded by a lip of metal that secures the stone in place. It is crafted with thick walls which adds visual size to the stone while also keeping the edge of the gem protected. This makes them a great option for folks with an active lifestyle with keeping their appearance charming, twinkle and sparkle.


Polishing is a necessary part of the finishing process to remove scratches, nicks, and to achieve the final high luster. In this stage, the metal will begin to take on a shine as rotary wheels made from felt and soft muslin are impregnated with less abrasive compounds and worked as they are buff the metal’s surface.


This stage, Jewelry is fabricated by joining precious metal segments or parts by welding them into position. By using heads, cages or prongs needed for setting gemstones, to clasps, clutch, and earring posts that provide functionality.


The last stage for the closing touches, in which the designer adds small and thin pieces to sold the other pieces in order to finish with a durable and will created piece of art.

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