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Diamond is an incredibly beautiful gem that comes in every color, from bright sparkling white to the deepest darkest black.

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When choosing diamond jewelry, everyone wants everything to be at the highest level. But not many people understand such things as color, clarity and other properties of diamonds. Here is the information needed in order to teach you how to choose the right jewelry with diamonds by discussing the 4 c’s system.

The main quality characteristics that are taken into account to evaluate diamond, the so-called 4 c` ( diamond parameters ) – clarity, color, carat and cut.


Diamond color is determined by the amount of color in the stone. The less color there is in a diamond, the better White diamonds are priced from “D” (completely colorless) to “Z” (noticeable color).

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The number and location of internal defects, called inclusions, known as spots, determines the clarity of a diamond.

The fewer flaws a diamond has, the less often it is, and the more valuable it is.

It is important to note that, in addition to a certain level of clarity, the naked eye cannot distinguish diamonds. But for evaluation purposes, greater clarity has a significant effect on price.

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While the other 4 C` diamonds are controlled by nature, the value and brilliance of a diamond increases or decreases at the hands of a craftsman who cuts it.

The diamond cut controls the amount of light reflected through the diamond.

The proportions of a diamond determine how light works. The proportions, combined with the polishing of the surface of a diamond, affect the overall attractiveness and beauty of a diamond.

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A carat is a measure of weight used to weight diamonds and other gem stones.

1 carat diamond, will be equal to 0.2 grams, or 200 milligrams.

in the distant past, the way to measure diamonds weight, was by using carob seeds.

1 CARAT = 5 carob seeds!

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The value of a diamond is influenced by the rarity of one or more of 4 C. Given the rarity of large carat diamonds, they are often valued more per carat compared to smaller ones.
Similarly, a colored diamond, much more rare than the yellow or gray shade of a diamond, carries a significantly higher price.


The diamond certificate indicates that the diamond was evaluated by an independent third party in order to determine its characteristics and grade assignment, and contains the most important information for determining the quality of a diamond.

The main quality characteristics that are taken into account during certification, the so-called 4 c` ( diamond parameters ) are clarity, color, carat and cut.

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