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Gold is basically soft metal that is yellow, gold defined in Karate. karat is 4.1666% pure gold. The definition of pure gold is 24 karat gold.
Gold is a soft metal by itself and would wear away with daily use, so Jewelry can’t be produced In 24 carat gold. so the gold is mixed in high heat with additional elements such as alloy, copper, silver, zinc, nickel and palladium, in order to form hard metal in different colors.

With the addition of gold to more copper we can produce rose gold, if we add to gold more silver we can manufacture yellow gold, if we add gold palladium we can create white gold.

The main difference between 14k and 18k is the amount of pure gold in the piece.

18k gold has more pure gold in it butis softer, meaning it wears easily along with being more expensive. 14k gold has less pure gold in it so is harder and stronger.

• 18 carat gold = 75% pure gold + 25% additions . the 18k gold mark is 750.
• 14 carat gold = 58.5% Pure gold + 41.5% Additions . 14k gold mark is 585.
• 9 carat gold = 37.5% pure gold + 62.5% Additions . 9 carat gold mark is 375.
We would always recommend 14k gold for the perfect balance of beauty and function


The gold coating we use on gold plated jewelry is a thick layer of 24k gold .
To maintain the long lasting shine of your jewel, you need to avoid wearing them during bath as well as salt and chlorine water, creams & perfumes, harsh cleaning detergents and wearing during physical activity.

We choose the perfect chain for every piece. However if you have a certain chain that you would like to marry it with one of our pieces, we would love to help.

Yes you can. We want you to be completely in love with your new piece so we would love to make a ring in your perfect size.

We make all of our JEWELS by hand, this enables us to make the JEWEL of your dreams. We use every precious metal:
14kt yellow gold, 14kt white gold, 14kt rose gold,18kt yellow gold, 18kt white gold, 18kt rose gold, Along with any gemstones to make your perfect piece.

Yes, our gold plated pieces are always available in yellow gold, silver and can be made to order in rose gold.

Every Akrat piece is hallmarked; it’s our guarantee that your piece is made using the most beautiful, precious metals with love.

We would love to take you through our engagement ring collection. There is no need to book an appointment although we would recommend calling our store to let our staff know that you will be visiting, this way we can dedicate some time to get you your perfect piece.

SURE ! Our engagement rings come in a selection of sparkling gemstones from Morganite to sparkling diamonds which is the traditional stone.

Diamond ring is a perfect choice for those who can afford it. Still, it doesn’t have to be a diamond ring to be an engagement ring.

Gemstones such as sapphire, morganite, and moonstone have become very popular for engagement rings and they assure you still have the shine and uniqness you are looking for.

 To maintain the long lasting shine of your souvenir, please avoid wearing thejewelry during bath as well as salt and chlorine water, creams & perfumes, harsh cleaning detergents and wearing during physical activity.

This completely depends on the piece you have ordered.

engagement ring : between 6- 8 weeks.

We will do our very best to get your piece to you as quickly as possible, but if you need something urgently please contact us.

We process and dispatch all orders as quickly as possible, however if you need your order by a certain date please let us know in the notes field when placing your order and we will do our very best to get it to you in time!

We also offer a DHL Express shipping option, at a small fee, which you can select at the checkout. DHL are an excellent service and we highly recommend them if you need your order urgently.

Please note that any bespoke pieces may take 3-6 weeks to complete from the time you place your order.

Once your piece is dispatched the estimated delivery times are as follows:

• Israel: 3-5 working days
• Rest of the World: 10-12 working days
• Need something sooner?
   We do also provide DHL express shipping:
• Israel: 1-2 working days
• Australia: working days 6-9 days
• Rest of the world: working 2-3 days

We want to make sure your parcel reaches you in the same sparkly condition as it leaves so our studio so all of our parcels are fully insured.

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