silver with gold ring


Gold is basically yellow soft metal that is defined in Karate.
The definition of pure gold is 24 karat gold.

Jewelry can’t be produced In 24-carat gold.

so the gold is mixed in high heat with additional elements such as alloy, copper, silver, zinc, nickel and palladium, in order to form hard metal in different colors.

With the addition of gold to more copper, we can produce rose gold, while adding more silver we can manufacture yellow gold, and adding palladium we can create white gold.

The main difference between 14k and 18k is the amount of pure gold in the piece.
18k gold has more pure gold in it which makes it softer with being more expensive. 14k gold has less pure gold in it so it is harder and Stronger.

We would always recommend 14k gold for the perfect balance of beauty and function

18 carat gold = 75% pure gold + 25% additions . the 18k gold mark is 750.

14 carat gold = 58.5% Pure gold + 41.5% Additions . 14k gold mark is 585.

9 carat gold = 37.5% pure gold + 62.5% Additions . 9 carat gold mark is 375.


Silver metal is very smooth and as a result, can not produce silver jewelry.
Silver is defined as 999 or 96% pure silver.
To make silver jewelry, pure silver should be mixed with copper.

The mixture used for the silver jewelry industry is 92.5% of pure silver and added 7.5% copper. Silver mark is 925


The gold coating we use on gold plated jewelry is a thick layer of 24k gold.

To maintain the long-lasting shine of your jewel, you need to avoid wearing them during bath as well as salt and chlorine water, creams & perfumes, harsh cleaning detergents, and wearing during physical activity.

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