Jewelry Education

Ring size guide

Most girls wear rings. But not everyone knows their size. And if when buying jewelry in the jewelry salon, experienced sellers will help you to solve the problem of choice, then when ordering a ring in an online store you need to figure out the size yourself. We offer simple ways to determine the size of a ring on a finger at home. Choose the right one!



Ring size has its internal diameter, expressed in millimeters. Therefore, to determine the exact size, it is sufficient to measure the diameter of the decoration using a standard ruler. If you are afraid to “overshoot” with the calculations, put the ring on the paper and circle it.




To correctly determine the size of the ring on your finger in this way, you need to take a small piece of paper. Its length should be about 10-12 centimeters, width – about 3 millimeters. Next – the matter of technology:


  • Wrap a piece of paper around your finger and make a mark in the right place.
  • As the ring will pass through the joint, measure also the girth of this area.
  • Choose between two digits average. This approach ensures that the decoration will not fall down or hang out.

The table will help determine the size of the ring:

Finger size (in mm) Finger diameter (in mm) Ring size
47.6 15.3 15.5
50.8 sixteen sixteen
52.4 16.5 16.5
54 16.9 17
56 17.5 17.5
59 18.1 18
60 18.5 18.5
62 18.9 nineteen
64 19.4 19.5
65 19.8 20
67 20.5 20.5
70 21.1 21
72 21.5 21.5
74.5 22.2 22


If the table below does not contain the number that you have, select the closest value.



To correctly determine what size ring is needed, pay attention to some nuances:

  • For more accurate results, you need to measure your finger three times: in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening. If the figures match at least twice, then the required size is found.
  • If you are buying a wedding decoration, we advise you to determine the size of the ring as close as possible to the event date. So the probability to “miss” decreases.
  • It is impossible to take measurements after sleep, physical exertion or during critical days – during this period, fingers may swell.
  • Too hot or too cold days are also not the best time to determine the size of the ring at home.
  • It is also necessary to take into account the thickness of the future ring. If the decoration is thin (5-7 mm), then you just need to round the result to the nearest table value. If you want to determine the size of the ring with a thickness of more than 7 mm, you need to make a small “margin” of 0.5 mm. That is, when buying a massive jewelry, the usual 18th size turns into 18.5.