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I am Enas Younis,
Palestinian designer,
Owner of AKRAT luxury oriental jewelry.
As a Palestinian, land, places, identity and culture have always been the anchor of


My passion is creating beautiful and proud jewelry that will be a powerful tool of expression that enables us to say within ourselves without fear or explanation.

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I am a lawyer by profession , happily married to Husam and a proud mother to Sarah, Yosef and Amr.

We live in Wadi Ara – a beautiful valley in the center of palestine, full of magnificent scenery and nature with rich history in the palestinian existence.

The love I have to my home land is the main inspiration source in the creating process.

I have been fortunate to study and work for years in the city of Jerusalem, the city of sanctities and contradictions. Its sanctuaries, and its ornate arches have a great influence on me and have been the source of my inspiration.

during my professional practice as a lawyer, I learned to appreciate the power of the word and in conjunction with my love of design, words have become as laid out in my designs.

Arabic calligraphy takes a central place in my design, which, in addition to being a fascinating art, is an expression tool for thoughts and feelings. I want my jewelry to be a tool of self-expression, jewelry with identity, feeling and saying.

rose gold ring with red ruby

I want to give you a chance that through my jewelry, you will celebrate the significant moments in your life, the ones you want to remember forever because they are the moments that made you stronger, more loved, and even more satisfied.

Every single piece has its own journey, sense as well as a story. willing to transform your feelings into jewelry that able to express the real you.

Akarat will be happy to celebrate these moments with you and offer you a number of prestigious jewelry, alive, breathes and speaks !! that will overwhelm you and those around you with feelings, tell your story, and spread happiness.

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